Matrimonial Surveillance is the discreet investigations into a spouse’s activities to provide either peace of mind or confirm suspicions of cheating, deceit or similar. Our matrimonial investigators collate comprehensive evidence gained through a range of surveillance methods to enable our client to make a conclusion either way.

Matrimonial investigations

As well as Matrimonial Surveillance, our team can conduct detailed investigations to aid a fair divorce. For example, our team may uncover assets that a partner owns which rightfully belong to our client. Likewise, if, through our investigations, it transpires that our clients’ partner was cheating on them, they may be eligible for a greater settlement than expected.

Compassionate investigations

We fully appreciate that matrimonial surveillance and investigations can expose upsetting information. Our investigators are discreet and sensitive in how they both gather information and relay the intelligence gathered. All information discovered through our investigations is handled confidentially.

Can we help you?

Please contact us on 01392 278612 to discuss your matrimonial surveillance or investigation requirements. We will give you a no-obligation quote. If you decide to proceed, our matrimonial investigators will begin their work and collate their findings.


Process serving

Working across the UK, our network of experienced and professional Process Servers can mobilise quickly to ensure the timely serving of papers.

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Information gathering

Information, in its many forms, is crucial in legal procedures; from witness statements to background checks, covert surveillance, and more.

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Tracing missing people

Our team can locate old friends, parents, spouses and relatives, as well as trace missing debtors both within the UK and worldwide.

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