According to Which?, many victims of bank transfer scams are being treated unfairly with little chance of them getting their money back.

There has been a sharp rise in authorised push payment (APP) scams within the UK in recent years as email accounts are hacked in order to trick people into transferring money into bank accounts operated by fraudsters.

While landlords can generate an income from their rental properties, it is important to ensure that prospective tenants are financially secure, meaning they are able to meet the weekly or monthly rent.

There is also peace of mind to be gained for the landlord when they have factual evidence that tenants are likely to look after their rental property with care. Although deposits are generally used to provide protection for landlords, there are times when the deposit simply won’t cover the cost of repair.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, domestic abuse is on the rise. We can assist you to help the victims of domestic abuse.

As we are all aware, this is a difficult and worrying time for everyone. The vast majority of us fully understand and comply with the stay-at-home measures introduced by the Government to combat the spread of COVID-19.

This household isolation instruction has highlighted many heart-warming stories of people coping well during these challenging times.

A H Jones Investigators/Process Servers remains open and fully operational and this will continue to be our position.

This situation serves to remind us that whilst Process Serving is perceived as a minor cog in the justice system, we nevertheless provide this vital component to ensure the judicial process continues to function effectively.

We are still operating from our office. Obviously, this situation is being reviewed daily and may change in the future. We can, if necessary, decamp from this base and work from home, without causing any major disruption to the efficient handling of your instructions.