Action Fraud is warning the public to remain vigilant as criminals begin to take advantage of the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine to commit fraud.

A number of reports have been received by Action Fraud in relation to the Covid-19 vaccine. Members of the public have received text messages claiming to be from the NHS, offering them the opportunity to sign up for the vaccine. The text directs the recipient to an online form where they are prompted to input personal and financial information.

Firstly, we would like to wish our clients a Happy New Year. While the Government's announcement last night was not a surprise, it is clear the difficulties of Covid-19 follow us into 2021 as we enter a full lockdown until at least mid-February.

We are pleased to confirm that, as ever, we continue to provide our full range of services to ensure the judicial process continues to function effectively.


As before, we are still operating from our office in Exeter, Devon, and our team of investigators continue working across the UK.

As ever, we will be available for any emergency tasks during the Christmas and New Year period, mostly for solicitors and local/county authorities.

We understand that there can be urgent needs and that a delay over the festive season can be detrimental to legal proceedings.

When the sun rose on 1 January 2020, none of us could have known how the year would turn out. Social distancing, lockdown, stay safe; these words have been entered our everyday speech as we have collectively tried to do our part.

The rise in fraudulent activity during the year has been more than a little worrying, as innocent victims are tricked into transferring their life's savings into bank accounts operated by fraudsters. Indeed, the increase of scams, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, led to the launch of a national campaign called 'Stop the Scams' to help the public spot signs of fraud.