During the COVID-19 lockdown, domestic abuse is on the rise. We can assist you to help the victims of domestic abuse.

As we are all aware, this is a difficult and worrying time for everyone. The vast majority of us fully understand and comply with the stay-at-home measures introduced by the Government to combat the spread of COVID-19.

This household isolation instruction has highlighted many heart-warming stories of people coping well during these challenging times.

Unfortunately, it has also brought out the worst in some people; domestic abuse, most notably.
A recent article in the Guardian reports that there have been at least 16 suspected domestic violence killings in the UK during the first three weeks of lockdown. "Refuge", the domestic abuse charity, has reported a staggering 700% increase in calls to its helpline in a single day.

The true figure of current domestic violence cases is unclear, but some sources suggest a 25% increase has occurred as a result of the lockdown measures. It is evident that the lockdown has caused considerable tension, stress, anxieties and controlling behaviours, which in turn has led to exacerbating the triggers in some people to cause domestic abuse.

With this in mind, it is now more important than ever to remind you of our continued support in assisting you to help the victims of domestic abuse.

Please be assured, A H Jones Investigators is still fully operational; we continue to operate 'business-as-usual' and are dealing with new cases every day.  We have a nationwide network of dedicated Process Servers who are able to effect service of Non-Molestation Orders on the perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse throughout the country. Our mandate is quite clear, and we are fully committed to playing our part in helping the most vulnerable of our citizens during these difficult days.

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