"Peace of Mind" at times of need

A H Jones Investigators is one of the leading providers of information and legal support services in the South West of England. Founded in 1973, we provide comprehensive and accurate information enabling you to make effective decisions essential in today’s competitive world.

Our central location in Exeter and our knowledge of the area, brings economic and strategic advantages to our clients in Banking, Commerce, Industry, Insurance & the Legal Profession. To private clients we offer a discreet and confidential service providing evidence, information and “Peace of Mind” in times of need.

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 AH Jones Investigators

A H Jones Investigators have over 40 years of experience

Our staff are drawn from backgrounds where many years of investigative experience and commitment to the highest professional standards ensures client satisfaction when undertaking assignments involving Accidents, Civil & Criminal Litigation, Fraud, Matrimonial Matters & Missing Persons. Established contacts and sources of information provide the necessary intelligence essential to any investigation.

A H Jones have over 40 years of experience gathering, recording and supplying accurate information and services in response to continuing demand from the legal profession, commerce and industry. The range of services provided reflects a unique awareness of your needs. Our expertise combined with the latest investigation techniques provides the foundation for all our services.

Contact us today for a free, confidential, no obligation consultation.